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We admire all women and want anyone to apply who can see themselves contributing to the KOOKY SOUL brand, who loves to create original and beautiful content, has a flair for style and fashion, and who has well established social media avenues.

If your application is successful, you will be given a unique code to advertise on any posts and in your bio. The code will give your followers 15% discount and earn you 5% of any sales that are processed with your code. Commission to be paid monthly.


Ambassador discount of 40% off of any original Kooky Soul Items (see Ambassador Collection), that you wish to promote. This discount is strictly for ambassadors only.

Have the opportunity to receive gifted clothes. We also want to gift items to our ambassadors as often as possible. It may not be every month, but then there may be months when several items may be gifted. We try to give all of our ambassadors equal opportunities to be part of projects or campaigns. 

Receive notifications of offers, sales and new collections to share with your Kooky Soul following. 


Be part of our friendly community of models, budding influencers and professional photographers. Make connections, get support and be inspired.

Please aim to have content prepared within 14 days. There is no pressure if this cannot be achieved; just stay in touch- we are here to support you too.

If there is anything that you would like to ask and feel we have not covered, please contact us:

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